1. Do you offer homes that are unfurnished?

All of our Townhomes and Duplexes that Lone Star Corporate Estates offers are fully furnished. However upon request we can discuss accommodating you with an unfurnished home if applicable. Please note If you bring your own furniture it will have to be stored.


2. Are pets allowed, how many, what size?

Yes, pets are allowed. You have a $300 pet deposit per pet. We do not accept puppies or kittens under the age of 1. No cats that still have their claws. There is a $260 Non-Refundable carpet cleaning fee and $0.65 cents per day per pet charge with no limit of pets.
The tenant is required to purchase renters pet insurance while living in the home to cover any damages the pet may do. If the pet does not cause damage.

3. Where are you located?

The locations are at 4103, 4105, 4107 and 4201 Shawn Drive in Killeen (these are 2 & 3 bedroom Townhomes) and the locations in Harker Heights are 1609 and 1611 Yuma Trail (these are 3- bedroom Duplexes)

4. What are your prices?

Lone Star Corporate Estates Accepts: Cash , Check , Cashiers check , Money Order , Credit Card Payments

A convenience flat rate amount is charged per transaction when payments are made on any form of Credit cards.

5. What forms of payment do you accept?

Available units throughout Killeen, Fort Hood, Harker Heights, and Bell County, TX are always on a first come, first served basis. You will have to call to see if there are any locations open for your desired move in date.

6. How do I reserve a location?

Once you have contacted Lone Star Corporate Estates, you will have to fill out a Required Tenant Information Form to see if you qualify. Qualification depends on whether your income will support living here and if you have any evictions against you. Upon returning this completed form, you will then receive the leasing agreement via email and then a hard copy upon moving in.

7. How many people can stay in a home?

In a 2-bedroom, 1.5 bath- 2 adults and 2 children OR up to 4 Adults. In a 3-bedroom, 2 bath- there can be 2 adults and 2 children. OR up to 6 Adults.

8. Are there assigned parking spaces?

Each town home gets two un-assigned parking spaces. If you have more than two vehicles, they would have to park in the street. Each duplex does have a 1 car garage and space in the driveway for 2 additional vehicles as well as parking in the street.

9. Do I have to pay extra for utility usage?

There are limits for both water and electricity. If you go over the limit, you will have to pay the difference. 90% of all guests do not go over, however, there are the 10% that leave everything running or turn on when they leave which causes overages. Same thing with water, if you take 15-minute showers twice a day for a family of 4, then of course your water bill will be higher.

10. Is there public transportation available nearby?

There is a public bus stop across the street from the townhomes in Killeen and about a half mile away from the duplex location in Harker Heights.

11. Is there a cleaning fee?

There is a Non-Refundable cleaning fee of $185 that pays for all cleaning costs upon move out.

12. How much is the Deposit?

The deposit is refundable within 30 days after vacating the premises if there are not any damages to the home or amenities.
If you provide a major credit card ( this secures your non- refundable move out cleaning fee), 50% (1/2) of the deposit is waived. ( $600 ). If there is not a major credit card provided then your deposit is $1200 for the refundable move out fee. Tenants are required to provide a forwarding address to the landlord within 7 days of move out to receive a refund of deposit money.

Please note we also provide options to split the deposit into payments depending on the length of stay, inquire for more information.

In addition we offer a 50% discount if a major credit is provided by the qualifying discount categories.

13. Are there any application fees?

There is a charge of $154 for the Administrative and Legal charge ( However $129 is refundable) for the 1st adult and $35 for each additional adult. This charge is given back to the tenant within 30 days of full completion of the leasing agreement.

14. Do you price match competitors?

I do price match and beat any of my competitors in the Killeen and Harker Heights area if they offer the same amenities as I do and is not in a less than desirable location.

15. What type of cable and internet do you provide?

I provide standard cable in the living room on a 40-inch flat screen TV. If you like to have cable in the bedrooms, I can provide that service for an additional charge of $12 per month. Wi-fi internet is included. If a private internet connection is required there is an additional fee of $57.00 a month.

16. Do you accept split payments?

We do expect payments on the 1st of every month. There is the option to split the rent payment in 2 equal parts having 1st half of the rent on the 1st and the second rent payment due on the 16th. There is a $30 charge if you would like to split the rent payment. All other charges are due at the beginning of the month and cannot be a spilt pay option (i.e. extra cable, utilities overages, pet fees etc…).

17. Do you charge a late fee?

Yes, if you do not have rent on the 1 st of each month, there is a $20.00 per day late fee and must be paid prior to the rent amount due. On the 3rd day of nonpayment, you will receive a vacate notice and on the 5th day will be filed against you in the bell county court house.

18. What type of amenities do you offer?

I provide everything you will need in a short-term living arrangement. Amenities include but are not limited to: Washer and Dryer, queen size bed in master bedroom, all linen for bathrooms and bedrooms, a minimum of a twin size bed in spare rooms, iron and ironing board,
microwave-coffee pot-cups & glasses-pots and pans-dishes-silverware-plastic storage containers-dinning room table with 4 chairs-dishwasher all in the kitchen, lamps, couch and love seat with side table and coffee table, 40-inch TV in living room and so much more.

19. Can I view the unit before I commit to leasing?

Yes, if there is an available unit to show. Most times the tenants leave and then the new tenants move in the very next day. Please call before hand to set up an appointment.

20. Are there photos of the unit I will be moving into?

Yes, there are both photos on this site and you can contact me directly to get pictures of the exact unit you will be moving into.

21. Once I move in, can other family members move in also or other roommates?

If you are found with additional tenants living in the home and have not put them on the leasing agreement, you will be breaking the lease and subject to eviction. Everyone living in the home will need to be put on the contract and pay the additional charge.

22. Are you a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

Yes, I have been a proud and active member of both Harker Heights and Killeen Chamber of Commerce for over 15 years.

23. Can you be found on Social Media?

Yes. I can be found on Facebook and Linkedin @ Lone Star Corporate Estates. I am currently working on other social platforms to be announced in the near future.

24. Do you accept section 8 housing?

No. Lone Star Corporate Estates does not currently accept section 8 or government housing.

25. Is the neighborhood safe for my kids?

Yes, these locations are very much family friendly.

26. Do you have to be in business to live in a corporate housing?

No. Anyone who needs a temporary living arrangement can rent these homes. I rent to not only professional workers but also to people needing a place while looking for a more permanent home. All types of workers, even retired people live in these locations.

27. Is your location near any restaurants or the mall?

The locations on Shawn Drive are within walking distance to Killeen Mall, multiple restaurants, Wal-Mart, several shopping centers and Seaton hospital.

28. How long does it take to get approved before I can move in?

I can usually get you approved within 24 hours of receipt of the required tenant information form.

29. How much advance notice do you need before I move in?

If you want to have a guaranteed location to move in to, I ask that you give a few weeks’ notice to insure I will have a unit available for the time frame you are requesting.

30. Do I have availability?

Available units throughout Killeen, Fort Hood, Harker Heights, and Bell County, TX are always on a first come, first served basis. You will have to call to see if there are any locations open for your desired move in date. Contact us for more information.